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Guest Book

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Antoinette Tuesday May 26, 2015
Ordering from Carol and CFTKR is such a treat for me...the wonderful aromatherapy benefits I receive from Carol's tarts is such a soothing blessing...I will be forever a customer as long as Carol keeps serving up her wonderful wax treats :)
From: Delaware
Jennifer K Monday September 2, 2013
Hi Carol! I was so happy to see that you had a new website :-) I used to buy candle's from you all the time when you were on eBay. I can't wait for you to open up your shop after your vacation, I'm so glad I found you again!!! Yippee! PS, your website is fantastic!
From: Indiana
Joy Cullum Saturday June 29, 2013
Carol....You are a ROCKSTAR!!
From: Tennessee
Nina Thursday June 20, 2013
Carol, so happy the shop is open again! I was going some through serious tart withdrawals! Even with the increased processing times, you're still the fastest shipper around with the BEST scents. Thank you so much for the samples too. Customer for life!!
From: Michigan
Mary Boylan Sunday March 31, 2013
I received my very first order a couple of weeks ago. Everything smelled wonderful and looked so pretty! She was so generous with the samples too! I will definitely be ordering from here again!
From: Washington
Gwen Saturday March 23, 2013
LOVE LOVE LOVE CFTKR. Just received my recent order of tarts and every fragrance is superb and that's just smelling them in the bag. You can't miss with CFTKR.
From: Illinois
Lori Thursday March 14, 2013
Insanely happy with CFTKR! Fantastic, long lasting, great throwing tarts and the customer service is fabulous. So happy I found you. Thanks, Carol. You have a faithful new customer!
From: Michigan
pat Yager Thursday March 14, 2013
Carol, received my tarts and I love them. TY for the samples. See you again soon. Very satisfied. Pat
From: Wisconsin
Tina Bumgardner Wednesday February 20, 2013
Carol makes some of the best tarts I have ever tried. she is at the top of my top 3 list :) everything arrives in a timely manner, well packaged and smelling wonderful. She is very pleasant to work with and I would and do recommend her to everyone. Thank you for such a wonderful product !
From: Toledo, Ohio
Suzie Peck Friday November 30, 2012
Your tarts rock! Great customer service and turnaround time, generous samples, you are fabulous and haven't been disappointed EVER!! Thanks for all you do!
From: Wisconsin
Christina Saturday November 3, 2012
I placed my first CFTKR order in October. I have loved every tart that I have melted. Thank you for the great samples, customer service and fast shipping. Your products are fantastic quality and I am a customer for life. I can't wait to place another order. You have the most extensive scent list I have ever seen.
From: Oregon
Judy Wednesday October 24, 2012
Carol, you continue to bring us new wonderful autumn scents. On chilly days and nights, it is wonderful to simmer a log fire scented tart in 2 or more rooms. The entire house smells like the fireplace is going. And I cannot praise your pumpkin and apple scents adequately. I am so happy with all of the tarts I have purchased. This is definitely tart heaven and you are the Queen of Tarts! Thank you for your hard work and creative talent which makes so many of us happy. ♥
From: IL
Meg Wednesday September 19, 2012
Carol you've done it again! Awesome as always! Thank you so much for all the special touches on my mother-in-laws gift. You rock!!!
From: Oklahoma
Pam Friday September 7, 2012
Carol, "Your Spectacular" You Make Me Smile, Everytime I Receive All My Awesome Scented Tarts! Always An Extremely Exceptional Experience! Thank You So Much! Pam
From: California
Terri L. Martin Thursday August 16, 2012
I can't say enough good thing about Carol and her candles. Excellent customer service and prompt attention. Definitely my favorite vendor. "Why shop anywhere else???" Thank you Carol!!!
From: Brookhaven, PA
Pam Saturday June 16, 2012
Carol, As Always, "Love" Your Tarts & Your Fabulous Scents! Your Service Is Outstanding & You Are Absolutely Wonderful! Thanks So Much! Pam
From: California
P.Patel Friday June 15, 2012
These tarts are absolutely amazing! I've ordered from many different tart companies and you have the BEST tarts! I love the quality and the value of these tarts and would recommend them to anyone! Top notch customer service and products, hands down! Thank you for all that you do.
From: IN
Carol Husman Thursday May 24, 2012
Just received my tarts and put "Cherry Almond" in my melters! The scent filled up my entire home and is delicious smelling. Can't wait to melt the other scents that I ordered. Keep up the great work. Love your tarts!
From: MN
Carol Wednesday April 18, 2012
What can I not say Carol? What a fabulous selection of home made tarts...the smells/scents are out of this world from what I have tried so far. Looking forward to ordering from you again and again- each so different and yummy. Love your products. Thank you for the super fast shipping and your kindness.
From: Va
Alice Thursday December 8, 2011
Carol received the tarts I ordered and they are wonderful. I will be back for more. HAPPY HOLIDAYS
From: Georgia
Judy Saturday December 3, 2011
Carol is full of surprises. Just when I thought I had all of the best autumn scents, she added new and wonderful scents that are a "must have". Recently I brought out some Christmas and winter scents which I have from last year. Carol added more new and fantastic scents this year which are awesome. I have many of Carol's Little Lite Candles and several jar candles. The Wick Trimmer is indeed a "Needful Thing". Whether you buy Carol's candle tarts, warmers (which she checks before shipping) or her candles, one thing is definite: you are buying the best and longest lasting scents. And you always receive friendly service from Carol. Carol is the best!
From: IL
Pam Saturday December 3, 2011
Carol, Love All My Amazing Scent Choices ((*_*)) You Truly Are #1 In My Book, For Outstanding Service & Wonderful Communication! "Love Your Tarts" ((~_~)) Thank You So Much! Pam ~Happy Holidays~
From: California
Tracey Noble Monday October 24, 2011
Carol, I am so glad to see you have your own website now. I have so many people hooked on your tarts!!!! Yankee can't hold a candle LOL to you. Everyone that comes into my home constantly comments on how great my house smells. They have scentsy down here, and it's nothing compared to your tarts, got me to thinking we need to have tart parties for you. LOL. Love, love, love your tarts, I'm addicted. Good Luck and God bless carol.
From: Clarksville, TN
Sarah Friday October 21, 2011
Been shopping from the Keeping room for years & now I'm thrilled to have a website to shop from! I LOVE all these tarts, they're priced great, smell great & the huge variety & all the custom blends make me super happy! I buy a lot of tarts & CFTKR tarts are tops for for me!
From: Tampa
Barbara Saturday September 24, 2011
I received my order today & as always Carol I am very grateful for the extras you give me. Barb
From: N.J.
Amy Pillsbury Saturday September 24, 2011
I love Carol! Thank you for being amazing at what you do!!!
From: North Carolina
Crichton Crew Thursday September 15, 2011
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these candle tarta. i have been a customer since 2007 starting in California and now in NJ. The tarts are crazy good and the scents are insane!!! Ny whole family loves them and how they make our home smell wonderful! Thanks Carol!!
From: Haddonfield, NJ
Liz Thursday September 15, 2011
Just got my first order and I am so pleased. I will happily buy from The Keeping Room for all my scent needs! No more Yankee or BBW for me!
From: California
Rene Thursday September 1, 2011
I can honestly say these are wonderful scented tarts and candles. I started by buying on ebay and just finished my first purchase here. I have tried other tarts and my husband even noticed that my house did not smell as good. LOL! I Love all the scents I have tried and the zucchini are my fav. Carol is very nice and always helpful. Hands down the best!!!
From: Pa
Lynne Thursday September 1, 2011
These tarts are the absolute best :) Love them and won't buy tarts anywhere else!
Angel Closson Wednesday August 24, 2011
Just bought my first candle from this site cant wait to get it
From: West Virginia
Aline Wednesday August 24, 2011
Carol, Your tarts are the best, love all your samples. When your package arrives I can't wait to get that first smell of heaven. As I open the box and smell each bag I just smile, my husband saw me do this and was laughing. I said don't say a word you just don't understand what its like being in "The Keeping Room". Aline
From: Baton Rouge, La
Florence Thursday August 18, 2011
Carol has the best smelling tarts and candles. I've been buying from her for years and have never been disappointed. Her products are exceptional. Fast shipping. Fabulous woman with great product.
From: Rockford Illinois
Joy Thursday August 18, 2011
Thanks for the extra's Carol!! Love the ghost!! You are the BEST!!
From: Tennessee
Joy Tuesday August 9, 2011
Carol's melters and candles are the BEST!! Hers are the ONLY ones I will buy.
From: Tennessee
Renee Wednesday August 3, 2011
The only thing better than Carol's tarts - which are out of this world - is the woman herself. I have "known" Carol for years since I bought my first tarts from her on eBay in 2006. Like so many others, I was hooked with my very first order and have been a customer ever since. I have tried probably over 75 tart etailers over the years and no one - and I mean no one - compares to her scent selection, product quality and customer service. She is so warm, friendly, and generous, and makes each order a delight to receive. The bonus is I have learned cool words like "larder", "keeping room", and "needful things". Thanks for doing what you do so well, friend.
From: California
Angie Darst Williams Tuesday August 2, 2011
Carol...I first ordered and smelled the Rose hips you used to make....I had never smelled anything so heavenly before...Since then I have been back many times...You seem to always surprise me with your imagination for scents....I love everything I have ever bought from you... You have also always been one of the best people to deal with, on ebay and through your website...Keep on, keeping on...I love you honey...Gigi
From: Columbus, Ohio
Kathy Friday July 29, 2011
I have been buying candles and tarts from Carol since 2002. I haven't bought one from anyone else since. I don't have the words to express how great the tarts and candles are, but, more importantly, how great Carol is! Although we have never met in person, I feel like we have known each other for years. I am so happy for you with your new website! I love it. I have huge 10/20 pound bowl candles all over my house as well as tart warmers ... it's like heaven! I still get so excited coming home from work and seeing my box from Carol waiting for me. There's always some extra surprises included! Carol, you are the BEST ... bar none!! Love ya!
From: Parma Heights, OH
Gina Rupnow Friday July 22, 2011
I've been a more-than-satisfied customer for quite some time. Carol, you're a pleasure to work with and I thank you for your generosity. Fabulous tarts from a gem of a lady...what more can I say??
From: Kansas City
Julie Sunday July 17, 2011
Been using CFTKR tarts for a couple of years now and am spoiled by them-they're the best. I give many as gifts and my friends just rave over the throw of the scents. Better than any others they've tried. I am so happy for the success of the web site and am sure it will continue as I and many others will come back again and again and again! Thanks for such a great product. And Carol, well she is the added bonus. Just the best!
From: Wisconsin
Jennifer Saturday July 16, 2011
I have been buying your tarts since before Christmas 2010 and I absolutely LOVE them. These are the best tarts I have ever bought. I will never buy any other tarts. Thank you!
From: Colorado
Judy Thursday July 14, 2011
I love Carol's tarts and hope to meet this talented person who is designing so many wonderful scents for us. I've bought from Carol for a few years now and appreciate how she keeps adding new scents. Several times I've told her that I use the lighter scents to comfort and relax me to sleep. Carol's tarts make me happy -- and surely an unknown number of other folks. One of the greatest things in life is to make others happy and Carol does this very well with her tarts. Try Carol's tarts and you will come back again and again. There are no better tarts anywhere. Judy - Midwest Larder #1
From: Illinois
Bernie Thursday July 14, 2011
I have been buying candles and tarts since early 2000 and just love her products, her wonderful scents and especially her customer service. When I found out I had breast cancer and was out of work and broke, Carol sent me a huge box of tarts, a jar candle, and a new warmer. I cried for days but she was right it did help me get better because I was happy. Love you Carol. Best on your new endevour,any thing you touch turns to gold. Love ya Bernie
From: Washingoton
Linda Kaps Tuesday July 12, 2011
Carol, as I have told many people, is a very special person. She is always willing to work with you and comes up with the most fantastic items..the scents are truly superb and last such a long the new website and can't wait to see "things to come" with fall coming it should be so much fun...I always wait to see what is "new" each week and can't wait for my orders to arrive...everything is truly unique and all are quality items! Best of luck with the new venture, Carol....glad you are up and running again, friend!
From: Queen Creek, AZ
Christine Simon Monday July 11, 2011
Your new website is just fabulous Carol. Been buying now for 11 years and you have absolutely the best tarts anywhere!! Incredible scents and such long lasting too! Of course I just adore the bakery scents, oh, and the pinks too!!
From: Thompsons Station, T.N.
melanie Monday July 11, 2011
When I finally grow up, I wanna' be just like Carol-----a wonderful artist and human!!!!! Thank you my friend, Melanie Witherow
From: Catonsville, MD
Pam Thursday July 7, 2011
Carol, OMG, Love Your New Website ((~_~)) All Your Tarts & Candles Are So Pretty & Adorable! You Have So Many Amazing Scents To Choose From "Love That" Always Top Notch Service & Super Fast Shipping! Thanks A Million ((*_*))
From: California
Florence Finegan Sunday July 3, 2011
Love your new website. Packed with wonderful goodies. I've ordered today and I'll be back because I know how wonderful your tarts and candles are.
From: Illinois
Donna Bonali Sunday July 3, 2011
The website is great, Carol. Easy and fast navigation, smooth checkout process. You just keep outdoing yourself, Superwoman! Big hugs!
From: Marion, IL
Lynn Silvestri Sunday July 3, 2011
Carol, your tarts smell amazing! The food scents smell just like the real thing. I can't wait to try your candles, too. Thanks for great customer service with a smile!
From: Florida
Vickie Bryan Brown Saturday July 2, 2011
The website is beautiful and bursting with so many tempting treats to explore and put on a wish list. With all these amazing scents to try, you will be busy shipping day and night!
From: Newport News, VA
Julie Kelly Saturday July 2, 2011
Love your new website...Very well done...I see why it took you so long to get it up and running!!! :
From: Upstate NY
Sheri Saturday July 2, 2011
Love the new website, I can almost smell the cinnamon bun tarts! I've been a faithful buyer for at least 7 years and your products just keep getting better!! Thankyou & Best of Luck!
From: Milford, CT
Tina Bumgardner Saturday July 2, 2011
This has to be one of the prettiest websites i've ever seen. Can't wait to get my candles & needful things :
From: Toledo, Ohio
Stefanie Greenberg Saturday July 2, 2011
Glad to see you back, and everything looks superb! I am happy to have found you, as both your products and customer service are second-to-none. I enjoy buying from you and will continue to do so :-
From: NJ
Gloria Reiter Thursday June 30, 2011
I LOVE Carol and her awesome tarts!!! Carol is second to none in customer service and product. I have tried many a tart and Carol will ALWAYS be Number 1 in my book!! Congrats on your new website...I am sure you will do fabulous!!!
From: Columbia City, Indiana
sarah golden Thursday June 30, 2011
Congratulations on this awesome website. I missed you, glad to have you back. You do have the best tarts and you are one super lady. Can't wait to start ordering.
From: cleveland,ohio
MJ Marter Wednesday June 29, 2011
I actually joined ebay many years ago just to try Carol's glad I did! Now with this new site, everything will be even better! Congratulations on the new web site, Carol! I wish you the best and I'm ready to place my order!!! LOL
From: NJ
Lisa D. Wednesday June 29, 2011
Amazing website friend! I'm so happy for you and wish you lots and lots of good luck. You tarts are the world's best!
From: New York
Leslie Wednesday June 29, 2011
I started buying from Carol about 11 years ago. Her tarts are amazing and I have not found any tarts better than hers. The scents are wonderful and they last a long time. The candles look pretty and smell terrific also. She is a wonderful person to deal with, a good friend! Shipping is so fast, I never have to wait for my box and believe me, I am looking forward to it everytime! :
From: Pennsylvania

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