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Scent List C's


Café Au Lait Type
-this companies version of this popular Slatkin Type.  This scent is inspired by a Parisian coffee house.  This romantic aroma is a fabulous blend of rich espresso with warm caramel, brown sugar and creamy vanilla and a shot of steam milk

Café Cubano is a type of espresso that orginated in Cuba that is sweetened with brown sugar as it is brewing.

Cairns Sunset-This delightful tropical treat is a dramatic new twist on a classic fruit theme. The lively, exotic essence of tamarind creates a surprising effect with its rich tartness and effervescent pulpy quality. This delightful exotic fruit note is perfectly balanced with a delicious fresh grated coconut accord. Sweet creamy accents of vanilla blend with the fruit medley further enhancing the delightful tropical sensation of this fragrance.

Campfire Smores- Notes of toasted marshmallow, charred firewood, melted chocolate and graham crackers fill the air on a cool evening

Candied Apple-A strong and true version of a fall classic, this Candied Apple combines notes of crisp apples, a hint of cinnamon, and a base of caramelized sugar.

Candy Apple Sleigh Ride-Crisp green apple is combined with juicy D'Anjou pear, followed by spicy cinnamon stick and green holiday garland. Finished with notes of musky vanilla and just a subtle hint of pine nuance.

Candy Cane-a yummy sweet peppermint candy the ones we leave for Santa Claus..yummy ..great all year scent.

Candy Corn Birthday Cake-a fabulous blend of sweet candy and our yummy birthday..makes your teeth ache

Candy Corn Brickle-a delicious sweet blend of yummy candy corn..vanilla, sugars, caramel with little chunks of butter brickle folded in the blend..for the sweet tooth.

Candy Crush-Candy Crush-Super fun concoction with blends of fruits, spun sugar, hints of caramel with bottom notes of super sweet vanilla...if you like cotton candy and will love this..sweet tooth here we come!

Candy Puffs-This is a nice, strong fragrance! It smells just like those candy cigarettes you used to eat as kids. Thankfully these days, they are now called "candy sticks". Notes of peppermint, teaberry, wintergreen, spearmint, lemon, caramel and vanilla.

Cane Sugar Cookie-The aromatic combination of just the right top notes of cane sugar, butter, and rum; followed by middle notes of caramel and vanilla extract; sitting on a dry base note of vanilla sugar.

Cappuccino Latte-Rich coffee with hints of cream, spice and roasted notes

Caramel Apple Cider-Top notes of gooey caramel wrap around the sweetness of ripe Mcintosh, with a wealth of spices for a deliciously layered effect.

Caramel Café-Think of a sticky sweet caramel coffee mocha - that's this scent. It's like walking into a coffee shop that specializes in caramel mochas. Notes of orange citrus, bakery, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg, coconut, maple, and sugar. Soooo yummy!

Caramel Pretzel Bar-Gooey chocolate covered caramel pretzel candy bar. Yummy! Rich caramel made with creamy butter and honey is combined with coconut, cinnamon, and velvety vanilla and enrobed in luscious chocolate.

Caribbean Salsa-A luscious and juicy blend of sweet pineapple nectar, bright citrus, and succulent fresh peach - perfectly infused with exotic Yuzu flower and Tahitian vanilla to delight the senses.

Caramel Apple Fritters-a sweet blend of apple and a sweet dough type pastry drizzled with a warm caramel sauce.

Caramel Apple Pie-Hot baked apple pie with BIG FAT buttery caramel added. This scent is super strong and super rich! Macintosh apples, buttery caramel, rich milk, brown sugar, buttery toffee, nutmeg and spices.

Caramel Cinnamon Latte-a wonderful coffee blend of fine roasted coffee bean, a little cinnamon and some caramel to smooth it over.

Caramel Cream Brulee-Ooey gooey, rich and creamy caramelized creme brulee.  a sweet cream brulee base mixed with a yummy caramel...this is a good thrower

Caramel Custard-great caramely scent...nice and sweet...a blend of gooey sweet caramel and a vanilla custard....very yummy...

Caramel Drizzled Marshmallow Flapjacks..yummy sweet bakery scent..caramel, marshmallow, our sweet flapjack and  a hint of maple

Caramel Drizzled Marshmallow Sugar Cookie-a CFTKR room blend..a sweet marshmallow layered  sugar cookie drizzled on top with a caramel glaze..lick the air good

 Caramel Latte-a blend of coffee, caramel..and sweet cream..a yumm comfort coffee.

Caramel Praline Corn Pudding-a sweet blend of our sugar corn pudding, caramel, brown sugar and glazed pralines..a wonderful new comfort scent

Caramel Praline Flapjacks-a sweet delicious blend of our yummy flapjacks mixed with gooey caramel..sweet buttery pecans, brown sugar and a lot of love..a real comfort scent.

Caramel Praline Indian Bread-a CFTKR blend of our yummy Indian bread and caramels, pralines, brown sugar and sweet cream.

Caramel Pipe Tobacco- An intense blend of sultry tobacco leaves with creamy caramel, vanilla sugar, and patchouli leaves alongside Italian bergamot, warm spice and sheer musk.

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Type-A sweet caramel scent, with a fresh pumpkin twist. Sweet with a hint of spice

Caramel Spice-Tempting buttery accents blended with brown sugar creates a rich gooey caramel that teases the senses. Bakery notes are warmed with cinnamon and sweetened with maple as they balance the caramel tones. A lingering base of sweet vanilla finishes this fabulous gourmand sensation.  Top notes of buttery caramel; Middle notes of bakery, maple, cinnamon and Bottom notes of vanilla.

Caramel Sticky Buns-fresh from the oven sweet buns..then drizzled over top gooey yumm!

Caramel Sugar Crunch-A wonderful blend of caramel, toffee, sweet creamy vanilla and crystallized brown sugar! Very rich and yummy!

Caramelized Apple Filled Twinkies-a sweet sponge cake filled with caramels and sweet apples..yummy

Caramelized Apple Praline- our sweet apple mixed with a caramel and pralines..sweet yet has the apple to give ton down the sweetness.. excellent!

Caramelized Banana Cake-a blend of our sweet banana, caramelized pralines and a hint of a sweet cake..this is one of our signature scents.

Caramelized Crimson Pear-ripe crimson pears sprinkled in caramelized brown sugar with fresh churned maple butter, and we gone one step further with the addition of a touch more sweetness..a great pear blend

Caramelized Praline Zucchini-Here is our yummy Caramelized Praline Zucchini Bread....and it is fabulous...our sweet caramel with pralines with our fresh Zucchini Bread with notes of freshly grated zucchini, cinnamon and spices makes this a popular all year scent.

Caramelized Praline-a yummy sweet comfort scent....yummy sweet gooey caramel mixed with sweet praline...we have had this scent for many years, and it is still as popular as when we first brought it into our scent line.

Cardamon Spice Rum Cake-this is a decadent bakery treat..heavy bakery notes blended with cardamom, orange peel, white raisins, clove, cinnamon sticks, bay rum, vanilla extract, spiced cake batter and Tonka Beans.

Cashmere Forest- A very nice blend of teakwood and cashmere..soft like cashmere

Cedar Sage and Blackberry- It's a beautiful, calming, herbaceous blend of fresh sage, woody cedar and sweet, dark blackberry.

Celebrate Christmas Type-Everything that is Christmas is in this strong, festive scent: cookies, candies, spices, trees, presents - it's all in here. Subtle top notes of fruit are followed by a spicy heart of cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg and a base of luscious caramelized sugar and white musk.. It's simply incredible! Yankee type.

Celtic Myst-This fragrance has a warm blend of precious woods, spices and resins then enhanced with a splash of mandarin, musk and cashmere vanilla. If you adore the exotics such as teak, sandalwood, frankincense and amber then this fragrance is for you. A mysterious and beautiful fragrance

Celtic Moonspice-this is a wonderfully fragrant blend of warm spices, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. It gives you that warm home & hearth. This is a strong scent.

Celtic Sugar Cookie-our delicious sweet sugar cookie mixed with the spicey popular Celtic house blend

Chamomile Apple- Clean, refreshing and quite strong!  A fresh chamomile fragrance, fruity and herbaceous with sweet, crisp apple notes throughout

Champagne Pear Type-Sparkling champagne with the fresh scent of a ripe juicy pear

Champange  Pomegrante Type- Sparkling champagne with the fresh scent of pomegranate

Champagne Toast Type-Pop, clink and sparkle with an effervescent blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant.

Cherry Almond-this is the bakery type not the hand lotion one...a strong cherry with hints of almond..a big room scent.

Cherrie Blonde Type -Sweet bing cherries, sweet biscotti mix, hints of cinnamon and mimosa, a tiny whiff of coconut, Tonka bean, sweet creamy vanilla and cherry almond.  A sweet, nutty delightful pastry blend! this oil will blow you away with its yummy sweet and tart combination.  Super scrumptious!

Cherry Cobbler- A wonderful cobbler-type bakery scent loaded with tart red cherries.-

Cherry Lime Cotton Candy-a yummy cotton candy with cherry and a splash of a sweet and sour lime..this is very good,a good thrower

Cherry Marshmallow Crumble Cake- a sweet cake, filled with cherries and folded in yummy toasted marshmallow..sprinkled with love on the top…this is a strong scent

Cherry Marshmallow Filled Fudge Brownie-a yummy rich blend..our fudge brownie filled with a cherry marshmallow whipped filling..very yummy.

Cherry Mist-A true black cherry with a hint of does not have the nose burning effect.. Rich with aroma, this scent just makes your mouth water for dark, ripe Bing cherries

Cherry Pie Noel-our sweet cherry pie, with a hint of pie crust, mixed with our vanilla bean noel..turns this cherry scent into almost a designer.

Cherry Pie-Here is another new blend from the keeping room...our yummy sweet cherry pie filling....all nestled in a sweet pie crust.

Cherry Slush-This is just like a Cherry Slush from your favorite 50's style drive-in's Sonic delicious!..this is very good...a big room scent.

Cherry Vanilla Swirl-a delicious blend of sweet cherry, a creamy comfort vanilla and alot of love

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar-a delicious mixture of caramel and rich maple combined with chestnuts in a buttery cream base....very yummy.

Chewy Gummy Candy..A childhood favorite, the essence of chewy gummy candy bursting with fruity goodness. Lemon, juicy orange,peach, a little grape,coconut and raspberry and then hints of pear, plum and a sugary vanilla.

Childrens Room-The smell of innocence and joy in a fragrance oil! Sweet violet petals and old fashioned powder with a light floral top note induce smiles and memories of lazy summer afternoons..compared to Love's Baby Soft

Chipotle Caramel-Sweet, creamy caramel is blended with supporting notes of vanilla and nut for a traditional caramel base and then livened up with heavy doses of chipotle, cinnamon, clove and a surprising note of pimento.

Chocolate Amber- The mystery of sensual amber with inviting notes of honeyed chocolate, juicy berries and rare vanilla orchid, creates an intoxicating blend of passion and innocence. Hints of pineapple, red berries, lemon; mid notes of honey blossom, rose and jasmine. Bottom notes of dark chocolate, honey wood, patchouli, vanilla orchid and musk.

Chocolate Lavender-A unique blend of French laver with subtle hints of creamy milk chocolate, amber and jasmine

Chocolate Noel-Here is another new addition to our noel line and a keeping room is called Chocolate Noel...we have taken a blend of three of our best chocolate fragrance oils and blended it will vanilla bean noel..and boy is it is yummy.

Chocolate Orchid-is reminiscent of true chocolate orchids, which smell like a fresh floral with undertones of real chocolate..not too floraly

Chocolate Patchouli- a blend of our sweet chocolate and patchouli..I am not a big fan of patchouli but this is nice.-

Christmas Cabin-A wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests.

Christmas Cookie-a sweet sugar type cookie..with buttery sweet notes..just like the ones Grandma use to make

Christmas Cravings-This wonderful fragrance begins with top notes of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and apple; followed by middle notes of cinnamon, ginger, carrot, and nutmeg; sitting on base notes of buttercream and vanilla

Christmas Fantasy-Smells like a combination of ribbon candy, spiced tea, a hint of cinnamon, and a flower shop at Christmas.

Christmas Kitchen-A unique combination of all scents that are Christmas and all year long. Fresh baked cookies, pine and peppermint.

Christmas Lane-I smell Christmas!   It is loaded with cranberries but, it is heavily accented with eucalyptus, clove, amber, bergamot and sheer woods.  While it definitely has a berry scent, it also has that fresh, outdoors, snow scent!  It is amazing and super strong!  Top notes of Bergamot, Eucalyptus.  Middle notes of Cranberry, Clove.  Bottom notes of Sheer Woods and Amber.  Tart winter cranberries are completely accented by a super crisp bergamot and herbal eucalyptus. Spicy clove leaf is infused with rich amber and sheer woods.

Christmas Morning-All the joy of Christmas morning.  Yummy and sweet, warm and cozy.  Top Notes of Frozen Berries, Lemon, Winter Apple; middle notes of rich, sweet Caramel and Warm Cinnamon Sticks.  Bottom notes of  Sugar Sparkles and Vanilla Bean.

Christmas Mulberry-Blend of woods, spice, fruit and flowers  all mixed with a strong mulberry.

Christmas on the Farm- Mandarin Cranberry Y Type-a great blend of cinnamon, mandarin oranges, mixed sweet and sour cranberries and a tiny hint of citrus on a base of rich creamy vanilla

Christmas Past-Reminds me a what Christmas in days gone by would have smelled like. Nothing fancy. Blue spruce and fir scents with top-notes of northern pine, a spicy cinnamon middle note and a warm woody base note. Super strong.

Christmas Pine-this is a wonderful traditional pine, will make you think of Christmas in the forest.

Christmas Pudding-a wonderful fall bakery and great around the holidays..a bakery cake scent with sweet cream..sugars..your dried holiday fruit..mum so good

Christmas Spice-A delightful blend of holiday spices. Just the right amount of pine, cinnamon, spices, fruit and candy to make you think Santa has filled your stocking to the brim!.

Christmas Time-The scent of fresh balsam and warm vanilla cookies sprinkled with sugar sparkles.

Christmas Thyme-The aroma of bayberries and apples with a base note of fresh pine needles and thyme, with a top note of freshly ground cinnamon bark.

Christmas Tree Garland-A Christmas tree adorned with sparkly garland brings back such wonderful childhood memories. This candle making fragrance oil captures a fruity, spicy holiday blend fusing bayberry, chestnuts and blood orange with spicy notes of cinnamon stick, nutmeg and clove finishing with just a whispering base undertone of fir.

Churro Caramel Drizzle -The fabulous fried pastry with cinnamon, sugar and hints of bergamot and creamy dark chocolate.  The middle notes have even more cinnamon and sugar with a sweet creamy vanilla base with an insane amount of caramel drizzle.  Sweet and spicy 

Cider Lane Type-This is exactly the smell you get when you go to fairs and festivals - the top notes of crisp, juicy apple, and gooey caramel - all the best smells of Fall!  YUM!  Apple Cider meets Caramel Apple.  A yummy blend!  You will totally love this delicious Fall scent blended with mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon.

Cinnamon and Amber- Cinnamon stick and clove bud blend smoothly with vanilla and amber  

Cinnamon and Spruce- A classic blend of pines and spice opening with notes of stately Northern pine, Douglas fir, and Blue Spruce complemented with notes of spicy cinnamon & clove, rosemary and woody cedar

Cinnamon Apple Peaches- Cinnamon with bright fresh apple infused with ripe peaches

Cinnamon Broom-This smells like the spray on Cinnamon Brooms you find at the grocery chain stores

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl-A sinful, decadent delight!  Freshly ground cinnamon enhances soft and silky vanilla.  Add rich creamy caramel and you have a treat that screams YUM

Cinnamon Chai-Our cinnamon chai captures the essence of this much loved, and centuries old beverage, with notes of black tea, cinnamon and sweet vanilla

Cinnamon Fire Y Type-The fragrant mystery of imported cinnamon bundled with cloves and vanilla.

Cinnamon Glazed Baklava-A flaky, cinnamon glazed traditional baklava with top notes of freshly grated cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove followed by notes of a nutty, flaky crust, caramelized sugar, buttery vanilla, and sweet honey.

Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie-Sweet cinnamon hints of oatmeal with cookie dough

Cinnamon Pumpkin Coffee Cake-a new blend from the keeping room..think of a wonderful sweet coffee coffee in this..laced with cinnamon strudel crumbs..and then whipped in some sweet pumpkin..this is yummy

Cinnamon Sticky Buns-this is a very cinnamon bakery bun scent..I find it very close to our cinnamon buns..strong.

Cinnamon Sugar-The fragrance is more of a cinnamon sticky bun sweet than spicy  The warm ginger, cinnamon and cardamom notes provide a wonderful base for many fragrances making this an easy blending fragrance.

Citron and Mandarin -Fresh and zesty! a blend of orange, grapefruit, and a hint of lemon into a well balanced, sophisticated citrus fragrance

Citrus Sorbet-refreshing top notes of mandarin, Kaffir lime, lemon, and Japanese grapefruit-quite strong

Citrus Vanilla Pound Cake- Rich, decadent vanilla pound cake.  Sweet and sinfully delightful.  Tons of sweet and zingy orange zest and hints of lemon rind. A wonderful new fruited cake.

Circus Concession- A day at the fair..this scent will remind you of that..caramel apples, cotton candy, funnel cakes and all things sweet

Chocolate Martini -  Rich and creamy chocolate liqueur blended with chilled vodka accords to produce this happy hour in a bottle !

Christmas Song-a wonderful light scent of pine mingled with a minty freshness

Christmas Village-Our Christmas Village fragrance encapsulates the world of Christmas from the warmth of the kitchen to the highest, snow covered tree branch! Notes of holly, berry, spice, apples, vanilla musk, and warm ozone.

Christmas Wassail-An exciting Christmas culinary drink fragrance.  The wonderful aroma of mulled apple cider, fresh pineapple, and orange zests surrounded with spicy cinnamon and cloves.

Christmas Wish-a strong holiday scent, love all year around, blend of pine, orange and spices

Crunchy Berry Cereal Milk-a new blend from the keeping room..our fun crunch berry crisp cereal with a sweet milk over pour..just like a cereal milk that we like to drink when done eating the cereal.

Cider Barrel-Warm, apple cider with a hint of spice and cedar wood. Kinda like an apple and oak.

Cider Donuts Type-Wrap yourself in down home goodness with this yummy bakery treat.  Crisp, ripe, juicy apples fresh from the apple orchard blended with a rich, most cake donut and tiny hints of cinnamon and caramel.  Yum!  Warm, cozy and delightful

Cimbellines- a Italian sugar cookie-rich and buttery with a hint of spice, which I believe is cinnamon..not real strong in cinnamon but it is there

Cinnamon and Balsam-a sweet blend of our yummy gooey cinnamon and a true balsam. When the two scent marry you almost have a bakery balsam. Very good and seasonal.

Cinnamon and Brown Sugar-another CFTKR blend, our bakery type cinnamon with a rich brown sugar and alot of love

Cinnammon and Clove Bud-A hint of orange brightens this spicy delight. Crushed cinnamon sticks and fresh clove buds create nostalgic appeal, as the lingering sweetness of vanilla bean mingles with musk for a final touch.

Cinnamon and Spice-a strong an explosion of cinnamon.. for the spicey strong cinnamon lover, would not call it a bakery cinnamon ..more of a spice cupboard cinnamon...

Cinnamon Bread Pudding- this is like the real cinnamon bread pudding..the cinnamon with the bread notes and a hint of sweetness

Cinnamon Buns-this is our signature cinnamon that we have carried for the 10 years...a strong scent...a cinnamon pastry type with strong overtones of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Cider-I can honestly say really smells like cinnamon cider without smelling mostly like apples that is why you will find in this in the cinnamon tart section

Cinnamon Corn Pudding-a delicious blend of our gooey bakery cinnamon and a sweet corn pudding.

Cinnamon Cranberry Harvest-a blend of a spiced cranberry and our gooey cinnamon and a hint of magic...can't give it all away.

Cinnamon Crumb Cake-another nice cinnamon bakery scent..a cinnamon swirled cake, with a crumb topping of cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte-Fresh Black Coffee steamed with sweet cream and cinnamon dolce flavored syrup..a great coffee treat.

Cinnamon Graham-sweet cinnamon laced thru out our yummy graham cracker.

Cinnamon Noel...a wonderful blend of one of our best bakery cinnamons and vanilla bean noel...outstanding.

Cinnamon Indian Bread-our wonderful sweet indian bread blended with our gooey bakery cinnamon..a great new addition to our bread line..thank you Gloria..

Cinnamon Nutmeg-this is our blend, our sweet gooey cinnamon laced with our sweet nutmeg..this is very good.

Cinnamon Nutmeg and Clove-a strong blend of cinnamon nutmeg and clove, reminds me of a spice larder..big room scent

Cinnamon Roll with Vanilla Frosting-yummy bakery cinnamon...when someone walking in your house will think you have fresh baked cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven!

Cinnamon Spice Cake-a tradiontal spice cake, so yummy..mixed with cinnamon to spice it up even more..a spicey bakery aroma...Excellent

Cinnamon Strudel-a sweet cinnamon bakery a cinnamon coffee cake with the sweet brown sugar crumbles on top.

Cinnamon Styx-A very true match to fresh spicy cinnamon sticks.

Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti-a strong scent....a sweet biscotti laced with cinnamon and topped with a sweet cinnamon sugar.

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie-this is a CFTKR blend, our sweet yummy frosted sugar cookie mixed with gooey Cinnamon. Great scent for the cookie and cinnamon lover

Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Cookie-a new cookie blend..our yummy bakery cinnamon , a sweet smooth vanilla and our fabulous frosted sugar cookies

Cinnamon Zucchini Bread-Here is another customer creation...thank you it with the cinnamon buns.... this is called Cinnamon Zucchini...our yummy cinnnamon buns mixed with our infamous zucchini bread.

Cinnanut Columbian Coffee-Rich tones of fresh roasted Colombian coffee, are perfectly balanced with warm cinnamon to create this blend. Buttery roasted Brazil nuts and rich maple, add texture to the gourme and delight.

Citrus Linen H20-This is such a wonderful, refreshing scent! Very nice - very clean and as fresh as a spring breeze! Wonderful Personal Care Product. The top notes are clean lemon and zesty lime. Middle notes of exquisite orange blossom and lemongrass that greet the base notes of jasmine, subtle woods, and powdery musk. I feel this oil is a bit light - but VERY fragrant!

Citrus Punch- a strong blend of citrus with a dash of kumquat, and hint of pineapple..If you like Fruit Slices, you will love this one

Citrus Strawberry-this is a wonderful strawberry is a combination including top notes of mandarin, strawberry, and lime; followed by middle notes of raspberry, sweet sugar caramel, and lily of the valley; and well-rounded with a nice woodsy, musk muguet.

City of Lights-another CFTKR blend...I have put this in the bakery section because it takes a floral scent and takes it to a bakery is a southern receipe..that we have gone a bit further with ....a blend of cinnamon buns and lavender and a hint of magic ....really pushes the lavender to another level.

Clean, Crisp White Votivo Type-  Indescribably complex yet simple by nature, Clean Crisp White defines the scent of our memories and a lifestyle worth wishing for.  Sun dried white sheets billowing in the crisp springtime morning, uncontrollable giggles as freshly bathed little bodies run through the house, and an overwhelming aroma of nothing but clean.

Clean Green-This refreshing combination of fresh greens and pear agave is brought to a new level with the addition of vetiver grass and clean, forest moss. It's fresh and vibrant without those odd "cleaning scent" tones

Clementine and Daisy-Enjoy the youthful flowery scent of spring daisies as they intersperse with the irresistible citrus aroma of Clementine..I find this a more clean scent..very nice

Clementine Cupcake-This fragrance smells like orange sherbet with cake batter (think eggs, sugar, meringue and vanilla extract) mixed up like a delicious smoothie and then followed off with a dollop of orange vanilla frosting.

Clove-Here is another scent ...for the clove lover...this is a true realistic clove scent...just like the clove you use when you bake.

Cocktails by the Pool-Lounging by the pool is even better with this cocktail of summer inspired fresh & fruity scent. Sparkling Lemon, Honeydew, Pear,Vibrant Orange, Pineapple, Nectarine,Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Coconut Bites-A sweet blend of creamy coconut, sweet sugar and rich vanilla cream with the tiniest hint of light flaky pastry. This is a heavenly concoction

Coconut Cabana-Coconut Cabana is a combination of just the right notes of cocoa butter and tropical fruits. Top notes are coconut,apple, lemon, plantain.Middle notes are rose, jasmine, bamboo leaves and base notes are vanilla bean and cocoa butter..screams spring and summer after a long winter.

Coconut Caramel-This luscious confection opens with rich, buttery top notes which combine with the yummy fragrance signature of maple sugar for a delightful caramel accord. Hints of spice add a warm accent to the caramel, as it balances perfectly with a fresh grated coconut base. Creamed vanilla surrounds the confection with a cloud of sweetness.

Coconut Cream Pie-Sweet creamy coconut with fluffy cream and pie crust

Coconut Extreme-A true coconut. A natural coconut shell type with a nutty coco nutty top note, a massoia, and milky middle note with a sweet vanilla and tonka bean base note

Coconut Lavender Fluff-a blend of a sweet lavender, coconut and our yummy marshmallow..sweet and relaxing at the same time.

Coconut Lavender Zucchini Fluff-a wonderful blend of our sweet coconut lavender, zucchini and toasted marshmallow..a new twist to lavender..a bakery lavender.

Coconut Leaves-A version of this popular BBW type..Transport your senses to the tropics with this fusion of juicy tangerine and papaya that gives way to soothing coconut and vanilla notes. Soothing coconut, juicy tangerine, papaya, coconut leaves, Tahitian vanilla, white musk.

Coconut Lime Breeze Type- Fresh lime and crisp citrus leads to a tropical floral accord which texturizes the heart of this fragrance. A base of grated coconut and sweet vanilla blends with sugared musk to complete the exotic sensation. lime, citrus, fresh a little tropical floral, sheer wood and coconut, sugared musk, vanilla

Coconut Lime Verbena-A wonderful blend of fresh coconut, lime and verbena with bottom notes of vanilla and light musk. The zesty lime is intermingled with a tart lemon verbena and sharp notes of ozone. Fruity notes of melon, muguet, mandarin and Kumquat are infused with sheer notes of coconut, vanilla and musk

Coconut Marshmallow Cake-a sweet blend of bakery coconut and gooey marshmallow and a sweet cake.

Coconut Milk and Lavender- a sweet blend of coconut milk and lavender..changes the lavender to almost a tropical flower.

Coconut Milk-this is not the overly sweet bakery coconut..this is really like the coconut milk that comes right out of the coconut...a nice change for coconut.

Coconut Rum Cake-Dark rum, banana and condensed milk blend together with coconut cream and vanilla sugar.

Coconut Pear-Rich, sweet coconut with lingering tones of vanilla and musk blended with luscious ripe pear sparkle with a tiny hint of green.

Coconut Shortbread Cookies- Freshly baked shortbread cookies!  Shaved coconut, creamy coconut oil, melted butter, milk and sweet vanilla all blended in a rich shortbread batter and sprinkled with sugar crystals.

Coconut Smoothie-a house blend of coconut milk, whipped cream, marshmallow and some vanilla bean..all whipped together to make this sweet tropical smoothie 

Coconut Sugar Cookie-a yummy blend of sweet bakery coconut and a sweet sugar cookie.

Coconut Water and Mango-One whiff of this fragrance and you'll be transported to a beach sipping on a tropical drink complete with paper umbrella!  Sweet powdery and creamy coconutty with mango top notes, apple, peach and melon middle notes and sweet vanilla and musky bottom notes.

Coffee Bean-this is like a cup of strong black coffee. A eye opener and very realistic.

Cafe Cubano is a type of espresso that orginated in Cuba that is sweetened with brown sugar as it is  brewing.

Coffee Cake and Spice-like the real thing....a yummy sweet cake, brown sugar, buttery, with a cinnamon crumble topping..there is no coffee in this scent…just a sweet cinnamon coffee cake….yum!

Coffee Ice Cream-a sweet vanilla base ice cream with a blast of fresh brewed coffee...a great addition for coffee lovers.

Coffee Latte Zucchini Bread-this is a new blend inspired by one of my customers..a blend of our yummy cookie, zucchini bread, rich coffee and sweet cream and sugar..a wonderful bakery coffee blend with lots of sweetness.

Coffee Vienna- a strong coffee, blended with vanilla, caramel and brown sugar..another wonderful morning wake me up scent.

Comfy Home-a new comfort scent a CFTKR blend...a blend of caramels...sweet nuts meats...brown sugar.....and a splash of cake..yummy!

Cookie and Cupcakes- a sweet blend of yummy cookies and cupcakes iced with a sugary glaze..sweet and yummy

Cookies and Candy-Imagine a rich butter cookie with rich, yummy sweet frosting dripping with sweet cherries, candied fruits mixed with loads of confectioners sugar and sweet sugar crystals and sprinkles, hints of bubble gum, gooey marshmallow cream and vanilla taffy

Cookie Kitchen-This smells like walking into Moms kitchen while she is baking..everything smells great but you can't put your finger on it. This is a sweet,doughy,creamy, hints of oatmeal..and sweet frosting.

Cool Citrus Basil-compare to BBW type..This invigorating and refreshing scent basil blended with a hint of sun beams and citrus

Cool Coconut Surf BBW Type- Hit the beach with a wave of pineapple, frozen citrus & fresh coconut water, vanilla and musk. Top notes of Frozen Lemon Granita, Blue Cotton Accord.  Mid notes of Coconut Water, Juicy Apple, Gardenia, Cyclamen.  Bottom notes of Creamy Coconut, Vanilla, Musk

Copper Hue Suntan Lotion-If you like the smell of coppertone suntan lotion, we think our copper hue suntan lotion fragrance oil will make you very happy!  This fragrance is a wonderful arrangement of green herbs, jasmine, rose, lavender, and lilac.

Corn Husk-A warm, crisp, sundried corn husk with a gentle top note of citrus and apricot, a dried spicy/floral middle note of rose, wild orchid, fresh herbs, radish leaf, and an amber, earthy, oak wood base.

Cottage Breeze- Blend of Lemon, Orange, Cotton, Vanilla, Musk Compared to: Yankee-seasonal

Cotton Candy-just like the spun candy we eat at the fair, sweet and sugary.

Cotton Candy Marshmallow-a CFTKR blend, sweet cotton candy mixed with our toasted marshmallow. A great new scent, this is seasonal

Cotton Candy Party Cake- our sweet blend of sweet spun cotton candy and a delicious white cake.

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins (a phrase meaning "elf airhead" taken from the movie "Elf") is heavy on the vanilla and sweet buttercream frosting with fresh coconut and powdery notes of heliotrope.

Country Bazaar-a medley of intense smells you will find only in a country store or a country bazaar.....sweet smell of fruit, ripe apples, a variety of spices such as cardamon, cinnamon and clove, vanilla and special baked treats just out of the oven.

Country Berry Hotcakes-Rich, buttery pancakes with a hints of mixed berries.

Country Blessing-Crisp, down to earth country smells!  A burst of wonderful scents gala apples, garden sage, sweet persimmon, eucalyptus, fresh basil, anise seeds, clove buds, sweet vanilla bean and crushed pecans give you a breath of sweet cleansing fresh air

Country Bumpkin-A wonderful complex blend of apples, candied yams, marshmallows,  sweet cream butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, crushed cinnamon bark and fresh cloves.  Bring the country home to you.

Country Charm-Fill your home with rich, warm country charm! Sweet cinnamon, valencia orange, clove bud, wild cranberries, hints of green apple slices and red raspberry with bottom notes of warm vanila nutmeg and cashmere.

Country Christmas-A truly fantastic blend of bayberries, cranberries, and apples, with spicy nuances of nutmeg and cloves with a top note of orange zests.

Country Fair Strudel-The aroma of freshly-baked apple streusel. This fragrance begins with top notes of apples, pears, and applesauce.  Middle notes include banana leaves and freshly ground cinnamon bark. Base notes include dry notes of vanilla, hazelnut, and almond.

Country Gift Shop-a very fitting name....when you walk in to a gift shop....the potpourri, all the different aromas..a big room scent.

Country Grove-this is a strong spicy scent..not so much bakery but more spice with a hint grove type fruit

Country Home-is the same aroma you get when walking into a log cabin that has spicy/citrus potpourri in the air.

Country Man-Another hard to describe fragrance...but I think it's just wonderfully masculine in a dark, spicy sort of way, warm and sultry, this scent also reminds me of a fresh shaven man.

Country Style French Toast-A down home treat! Nothing beats Momma's French Toast.  Crispy, golden pastry goodness with notes of condensed milk, Tonka Bean and rich, churned butter.  Sweet, Comfy and Cozy, down home goodness.

Cranberry and Orange Scone-a traditional English sweet scone with notes of orange citrus, sweet cranberry and fresh lemon enhanced by nuances of coconut milk, freshly baked pastry, warm melted butter, and vanilla drizzle.

Cranberry Apple Marmalade-Tangy cranberry and juicy red apple sprinkled with just the right amount of sugared cinnamon spice.

Cranberry Bundt-our sweet cranberry mixed with a sweet bundt cake....yum!

Cranberry Balsam-a wonderful mix of sweet cranberry and balsam. Gives a whole new level to Balsam.

Cranberry Chutney-The sweet, tangy scent of cranberries, crisp apples, fresh orange zest, and a touch of spice. Perfect for the fall and winter holidays!

Cranberry Cobbler-A yummy combination of cranberry relish, with hints of fresh ground cinnamon sticks, orange zests, with a faint hint of vanilla and butter.

Cranberry Clove Bud-This brilliant blend opens with a hint of fresh citrus that leads to the heart of spiced fruit. A very tangy cranberry signature is warmed with clove buds and accented with bright green tones for holiday appeal. A base of winter woods completes the festive sensation

Cranberry Corn Muffin-a new blend of our yummy realistic corn muffin and dried spiced cranberries mixed thru the muffin.

Cranberry Cypress- Celebrate the fall season with this rustic blend of sparkling cranberry, cool green cypress wood and hint of oranges and apples

Cranberry Fizz-Festive blend of fresh cranberries and key lime with grapefruit tonic, crisp champagne bubbles, strawberry, pomegranate and fizzy lemon soda.

Cranberry Mandarin Carrot-A subtle hint of carrot adds a unique twist to a classic blend of cranberry and mandarin.

Cranberry Peel-a sweet cranberry with a hint of orange..excellent

Cranberry Oak-This is a luscious fragrance comprised of a blend of red raspberry, black currant and cranberries. It settles into a background of woodsy cedar, cinnamon and lusciously warm amber.

Cranberry Scone-Delectable scones laden with an array of tart cranberries with a hint of bakery sweetness

Cupcake at Tiffanys-Totally scrumptious!  Sweet buttery notes with hints of toffee, tiny hints of chocolate with loads of sweet and slightly fruity buttercream notes in a creamy, fluffy vanilla cake bottom notes.  YUM!  This is to die for!  Super strong and total irresistible!

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