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 Scent List G H's


Garden Mint-Picture a fresh springtime herbal garden, capture that experience in a scent and you have Garden Mint. Cool and crisp notes of mint leaves and peppermint give way to herbal and woody accords to round out this fragrance

Garfields Bowl of Cream-  Hints of milky coconut, sweet sugary vanilla blended in a sweet caramelized sugary base note.  You will love this sweet, creamy delight..

Gin and Tonic-A fizzy aldehydic aroma infused with fresh herbs for a bubbly and refreshing fragrance- aldehydes, lime, grapefruit, orange peel, melon, ozonic, mint, fresh herbs, jasmine, rose, orange flower, musk, cedarwood, sandalwood

Ginger Ale-Formerly known as Ginger Fish (Primal Elements Type).. found a spot-on duplication. This fragrance is all sparkly with top notes of Lime and Lemon, followed by a heart of Ginger, generic fruit notes and a dry down of Musk. Ginger Ale smells just like a really citrus ginger ale. It's fresh, it's happy, and hip.

Gingerleaf Plum-Sweet notes of plum and black currant are pressed into the heart of exotic gingerleaf and cinnamon bark to create this lovely, haunting scent with just a note of spicy herbs.

Ginger Lime- A bright and zesty lemon-lime blend combines with the warm and comforting notes of honeyed ginger for a sophisticated twist on a refreshingly clean combination

Ginger Patchouli- Ginger Patchouli-This bright, refreshing fragrance starts off with notes of satsuma orange and fresh picked ginger. At its heart sit sweet herbs, geranium, and a touch of clove and is nicely tied together with notes of patchouli, earthy musk and vanilla.

Gingerbread and Pralines- a sweet blend of our yummy gingerbread mixed with our gooey caramelized praline. A real comfort scent

Gingerbread Brulee-This is a creamy decadence of soft, spiced gingerbread and crème brulee. Warm, nutty, buttery, and spicy with a base of creamy custard and caramelized sugar.

Gingerbread Cake-A fabulous gingerbread-cake. A bakery confection mixed with sugar and spice, vanilla, nutmeg, gingerbread and buttery notes! strong and spicy.

Gingerbread House-Yummy and delightful! Candied citrus, pink sugar, ginger root, brown sugar, molasses, buttercream frosting with bottom notes of allspice, golden caramel and vanilla sugar.

Gingerbread Pumpkin-A wonderful scent…when pouring this I did not find this too spicey but just right... A year 'round favorite that fuses warm, freshly baked gingerbread with creamy pumpkin.

Gingerbread Spice Cake-Fresh out of the oven, comforting aromas of warm cinnamon & ginger swirled with drops of golden butter makes this a delicious baked treat

Gingerbread Village-Fresh from grandma's oven, warm gingerbread mixed with nutmeg and rich spices, then frosted with creamy icing.

Glazed Cinnamon Donut-A home-style blend of spices and warm bread with top-notes of spicy clove, nutmeg and ginger, a milky-sweet, buttery middle-note and a
caramelized sugar-maple base-note.

Glazed Donuts-This is a designer bakery scent and is very good..a bakery donut with warm vanilla sugar and a hint of musk

Glistening Snow- this oil  is bursting with fresh Bayberry with undertones of cinnamon, clove and peppermint!

Glitter-is a feminine, yet confident and alluring aroma combining sheer floral notes of iris, jasmine, water lily, orchid, and white rose, with clean, fresh top notes of neroili and pink grapefruit blossoms and sexy bottom notes of sandalwood, soft musk, and tonka bean. 

Golden Sands-A version of this popular Y scent! Ah, so relaxing! Your private beach awaits, where time stops so you can breathe in the soft breezes of soothing sandalwood, luminous orange flower and warm tonka beans. The orchestration of white citrus, orange flower, star anise, soft breeze, soothing sandalwood, Tonka beans and exotic musk will lull you into an exotic vacation without leaving your house!

Golden Sand Dunes-very close to Golden Sands-The tropical beaches beckon with notes of apple, black coconut, and cassis intertwined with the intoxicating allure of jasmine and gardenia blossoms, orange flowers, and finishing with sandalwood swirled with seductive Tonka bean and pale driftwood

Gooey Apple Caramel Bread Pudding- a yummy blend from the keeping room..caramel, apple and bread pudding makes this a yummy desert apple blend

Gourmet Sugar Cookie- A very rich full bodied cookie dough blend of vanilla, butter and brown sugar

Grandma's Cupboard-a yummy bakery aroma will be had with this one..reminds of me of an old fashion oatmeal cookie baking with the aroma of the yummy aromas of grandma's kitchen.

Grandma's Kitchen-A delicious fall mix of apples and cinnamon and a hint of bakery..excellent fall scent..

Grannies Vanilla Bean-I just had to bring this oil in is a fabulous rich robust vanilla bean with a is really lick the air good.

Grannys Pie Crust-We have looked high and low for the perfect pie crust and think this is it..a sweet pie crust with just a hint of sugar and a touch of spice..very bakery.

Granny Smith Apple & Kale- A blend of Tart Granny Smith Apple,Ruby Grapefruit, Juicy Pineapple,Red Currant, Kale Leaves, Hyacinth, Coriander Seed, Apple Blossoms, Ming Fern, a new twist to granny smiths apples

Grape Soda Pop-Indulge yourself with this effervescent aroma of Kyoho grapes intermingled with fresh peaches, pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries on a dry down of vanilla

Grapefruit and Jasmine-The fresh, juicy aroma of pink grapefruit is delightfully blended with petals of soft jasmine.

Grapefruit and Mangosteen-At first the grapefruit dominates with its sharp and punchy citrus notes. After a while the fragrance mellows just a bit, with the warmer and sweeter mangosteen coming through. The fragrance reaches balance while burning, when both fruits meld into a strong fragrance that has a citrus punch, a hint of peach, and a naturally derived sweetness.

Grapefruit Jo Malone Type- Tart, refreshing grapefruit.. this is a uplifting, refreshing fragrance oil.  It totally brings shows off grapefruit's bright and sunny nature. Top notes of Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lemon Peel; middle notes of Jasmine, Crisp Herbs and Orange Blossoms.  Bottom notes of Oakmoss, Cedar, Musk. 

Grapefruit Lemongrass-this is an eye opening blend of grapefruit and lemongrass to awaken your senses

Grapefruit Mango-Grapefruit mango fragrance begins with top notes of Japanese grapefruit, ruby red grapefruit, and mango; followed by middle notes of cucumber and honeydew melon; and sits on a dry down of vanilla

Green Clover and Aloe-A terrific unisex scent, Green Clover & Aloe is a fresh, green fragrance that reminds us of wild summer herbs growing in a field. This fragrance is much more complex than it's name sounds. A floral fruity combination of fresh citrus and jasmine petals on a woodsy, sweet musk background.

Green Fig-Crisp Meyer lemons add a tangy twist to rich fig notes, while precious pomegranate seeds permeate the heart of this exotic citrus scent.-

Green Irish Tweed-This is a sporty and very expensive masculine scent. Our version of this outstanding fragrance created by the House of Creed for actor Cary Grant, possesses a spicy-sweet blend of French verbena and lemon, with a green center of Florentine iris and violet leaves, and sublime base notes of Mysore sandalwood and ambergris. A very upscale and refined scent.

Green Pumpkin-This is a fabulous autumn scent that has none of the spice typically associated with pumpkin fragrances. Each time you smell it, you'll pick up new notes. Lovely combination of fresh apples, pumpkin puree, a green leafy note, fruity pomegranate, lemongrass, and dried fig. A complex and unique twist for fall.

Green Tea and Cucumber-is a perfect blend of green tea as the high note, underscored with fresh cucumber as the bottom note. This is a very fresh, clean fragrance

Gretelís Treats- A cinnamon bakery with a frosted gingerbread blended in some spice of clove and vanilla for a rich treat

Guava Fig-A wonderful tropical accord that combines the freshness of citrus and tropical fruits with a warm base of Mediterranean fig.  This guava fig fragrance begins with top notes of Fuji apple slices, French cassis, and Kaffir lime leaves;  followed by middle notes of Anjou pear, Rio red grapefruit, and sweet Valencia;  sitting on bottom notes of Mediterranean fig, guava nectar, and Tahitian passion fruit.

Guilty Pleasures-Go ahead - indulge yourself in your secret guilty pleasures! Take a moment for yourself...Mandarin, Blackberry, Cranberry, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Dewberry, Allspice, Cassia Root, Nutmeg, Cedar.

Hanky Panky-is packed with sweet and tangy oranges, pineapple, and ripe sweet berries,sugar crystals and hints of vanilla!

Hansel and Gretel's House-Hansel and Gretel's house covered with vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisins.

Hansels Apple Ginger Cake- a yummy fall scent..our yummy gingerbread cake mixed in with sugared apples..another wonderful fall delight

Happy Fall You All-This fragrance is a wonderful warm Autumn scent. Brown sugar, nutmeg, apples, sweet cream butter, cinnamon bark and fresh cloves

Harvest Cinnaberry- Harvest Cinnaberry is an explosion of cinnamon blended with fresh cranberries and hints of ginger, anise and clove

Harvest Danish-the sweet danish bakery aroma...laced with brown sugar, chestnuts, sweet cream icing

Harvest Days-A very spicy blend of cinnamon bark and clove on a dry down of musk.

Harvest End-hint of citrus leads to the spicy heart of this harvest blend. Warm tones of cinnamon and clove balance with a crisp green apple accord to create autumn bliss. Leafy accents add texture to the scent, as rich woody undertones support the spiced fruit signature. Finishing touches of vanilla and sweet musk complete the blend. Top - citrus, clove Middle - spiced cinnamon, green apple, leafy Bottom - wood, musk, vanilla....

Harvest Fiesta-A warm spice mix of brown sugar, cinnamon and clove on a background of warm molasses.

Harvest Flapjack-a yummy CFTKR blend, this is a blend that we use to do in our chunky muffin tarts, our sweet flapjack mixed with brown sugar, sweet nut meats, and a creamy comfort base..this is excellent, a great comfort scent.

Harvest Gathering-A wonderful blend of a sweet red apple, cinnamon leaf and cranberries..another new fall blend

Harvest Gingerbread-a fabulous CFTKR blend...a sweet gingerbread mixed with brown sugars, sweet nut meats..and yummy cream.

Harvest Indian Bread-our yummy sweet indian mixed with sweet brown sugar..glazed chesnuts, sweet butter and lots of love to give you this new blend.

Harvest Prairie Cake-this is a house blend, in the days of old, the settlers at summers end would gather and dry some of their berries and nuts..they would then make these wonderful cakes...they would cool them and them wrap them in paper or cloth, tie them up with string..and put them in their cool larder for winter treats...this scent is a combination of their hard work...sweet grains...butter, brown sugar, which was worth its weight in gold.....sweet berries and nuts, some candied fruit..and sweet vanilla...these cakes very brought out only on special occasions like the holiday or when a neighbor who traveled many miles came to visit.

Harvest Spice-Fresh citrus peel adds a juicy character to this spiced cider blend. A fruit accord of plum and pomegranate is warmed by rich accents of clove, ginger and cinnamon for holiday appeal. Sweet musk and sugared vanilla add just the right amount of sweetness.

Harvest Zucchini-this is our own blend and is very yummy...Brown Sugar, Nutty Chestnuts, and syrupy sugars and mixed it with  with our fresh Zucchini Bread, which has notes of freshly grated zucchini, cinnamon and spices

Harvest-Spicy blend of cinnamon bark and clove bud on a dry down of musk

Havana Heat-Playful notes of pineapple and melon blend with sensual suede, pink pepper and tobacco.

Hawaiian Fluff- our sweet Blue Hawaiian scent, mixed with marshmallow and a touch of cake..yummers

Hawaiian Rainbow Cake..a sweet delicious yellow cake with an explosion of tropical fruits mixed in with a yummy buttercream frosting..

Hawaiian Sandalwood-The King of Sandalwoods! Blended to exact replication of the most fragrant of all Sandalwood. The Hawaiian Sandalwood is a musky soft, and wonderful fragrance oil. Not a harsh fragrance as most Sandalwood, but a touch of sweetness

Hazelnut Marshmallow Fluff-This scent will make you drool!  Crushed hazelnuts, loads of sweet, fluffy marshmallow...maple syrup, Tonka bean and hints of mimosa with tons of sweet vanilla and doused with a sugary glaze! 

Heat Wave-Quench the heat with this super strong - super refreshing fragrance oil! Mexican Lime, green apple, hints of lemon, kiwi, cucumber and honeydew with a whisper of vanilla and meringue.

Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush- what can I say, a true mulberry..have been looking for this scent for a long time..a wonderful berry scent

Hello Beautiful- A petal-perfect blend of white gardenia, jasmine petals & magnolia blossom.Clean, Ozony, fresh with slightly Fruity & Green top notes..Lily of the Valley, Jasmine &Rose type of Floral middle notes..Woody, Musky bottom notes

Hello Sugar-Sweet sugar cane with notes of lemon rind and shortbread...very yummy lemon bakery scent.

Herb Garden- You will love this fabulous earthy herbacious scent.  Top notes of Bergamot, grapefruit and cassis.  Middle notes of Rosemary, spearmint and tarragon.  Bottom notes of Lavender, galbanum, green moss.

Hey Hey Cute Cabana Boy-a sweet blend of tropical fruits of fresh pineapple, orange, guava and papaya…notes of banana and tropical green, ending with a lush creamy base of vanilla, coconut and cream.

Hey Sugar....this is a new lemon scent..a fun flirty tart lemon sugar scent...with just a hint of pie crust.

Hibiscus Guave Fresca Type-A beautiful blend of hibiscus, guava and beach blossoms.  Top notes of hibiscus, kiwi, mango nectar, juicy orange, and grapefruit agua fresca with mid-notes of fresh guava, pink plumeria, Mexican passionflower, and jasmine on a dry base of sea salt driftwood, iris, creamy sandalwood, warm amber, and musk.

Hillbilly Homebrew-The aroma of mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wildberries.

Hippy Christmas-An earthy blend of fresh patchouli, herbal sandalwood, with hints of strawberry and raspberry with a down of fresh vanilla and peppermint leaf

Holiday Candy-a yummy hard holiday candy and to up the sophistication quotient of the berries and sugar, this fragrance is toned down with the addition of Rose and Carnation notes.

Holiday Cookie-a sweet cake mixed with our yummy cookie dough..the aroma of sweet cookies baking in the oven.

Holiday Eggnog-This Eggnog fragrance is rich, creamy, and sweet with a touch of spice and a dash of nutmeg. Perfect for the holidays!

Holiday Festival- Tangy citrus leads to the nostalgic accord of rich spice and red berry for holiday appeal. Aged oak enriches the scent with warm tones as creamed musk and hints of persimmon complete this festive fragrance

Holiday Pomegranate-An irresistible holiday fragrance oil rather unique..a blend of pomegranate, sparkling citrus, dewberry, blackberry, iris, jasmine, sheer musk, sandalwood, and red cassis

Holiday Pomegranate Bread-sweet juicy pomegranate , sugars and fresh bread makes this is a very festive treat

Holiday Rednezvous-this is a wonderful scent, a blend of light pine and fresh woodsy notes as well as a hint of berries mixed in..masculine and sexy

Holiday Sparkle-Sweet, soft Siberian Pine with subtle hints of berries and spice and a whisper of green.

Holiday Treats-this leans towards a sugar cookie with vanilla bean noel...some call it also Mrs Claus Cookies but wanted to use this scent all year..the description my supplier has given me the aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies with buttercream frosting, with fresh notes of vanilla extract. this is similiar to a vanilla bean noel

Hollister Socal Type- Blend of lavender, fern, aged woods, musk, amber and vanilla.

Home for the Holidays-A great blend of pine, cinnamon, cedar wood, cloves, orange, cherry and tangerine

Homespun Goodness-warm country homes rich and fragrant with orange satsuma, mandarin, anise, sweet almond, spicy cinnamon, hints of ginger root, with bottom notes of rich vanilla, ground nutmeg and tonka bean..evokes happy homespun memories.

Homespun Treasures-Crisp, festive and perfect for all year!  Yummy sweet berries kissed with marshmallow and vanilla and mixed with down home treasures sure to fill your house with warmth and cheer!  Red currant, sheer musk, Pomegranate, Pomme fruits, White Grapefruit, Holiday Quince, sweet wild berries, marshmallow and swirls of vanilla complete this fabulous scent

Home Sweet Home- a blend of cinnamon, clove and apple.this is a strong scent

Homecoming-Home baked goodness of the holidays greets you with this rich vanilla sugar and spiced cinnamon combined with baked apple, a nutty caramel and brown sugared vanilla. An absolute to die for scent

Honey Clementine -Refreshing orange peel takes a sweet clementine and makes it a honey-dipped citrus delight.

Honey Lavender-A refreshing lavender treat that's bursting with flavor and topped with cool berries and warm honey.  A lovely aromatic bouquet of French lavender infused with blackberry, raspberry, sweet, creamy vanilla, Tonka bean and sun-kissed honey

Honey Pear Cider A warm fresh juicy pear with rich sweet honey together with hints of spice. This is a great pear scent.

Honeydew Melon-With this sweet, tangy scent, you can freshen up your home and your life. This is simply a ripe, juicy honeydew melon, a very good pure melon..

Honeydew and Marshmallow-a sweet honeydew melon mixed with our toasted marshmallow and a hint of spun sugar

Honeyed  Pineapple Pumpkin-Familiar yet unique, notes of pineapple and spiced honey blend deliciously with pumpkin and vanilla.

Honeysuckle Pear-a sweet mix of our honeysuckle and pear..if you like honeysuckle you will love this one

Honey Bunny-Opening with sparkling notes of bergamot, sweet orange, and crisp apple; followed by rich, golden honey nectar, toffee bits, and soft white musk mingling together to create a sweet treat as natural as sunshine.

Honey Gardenia-a sweet blend of sweetness to our Gardenia floral..the sweetness softens this strong floral

Honey Gingerbread-You will LURVE this fragrance, like my friend Teresa says.. this super fabulous blend of ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg with a hint of citrus and rich buttery cake notes. Sweet vanilla sugar and smooth golden honey complete this super strong, down home delight!

Honey Patchouli-even if you dont like patchouli, you will like this...a big blast of honey added to the earthy softens it right up, almost adds a sweetness to it.

Honey Vanilla Graham Pie- a blend of raw honey, cocoa butter, and chocolate all poured in a yummy sweet graham crust

Honey Vanilla Graham-sweet graham cookie base laced with sweet honey and vanilla...very good.

Honeysuckle and Patchouli-VS type - a beautiful, soothing blend of fragrant Chinese honeysuckle and relaxing patchouli. This sophisticated feminine scent is absolutely divine in a warm and indulgent way.

Hot Apple Pie-...sweet pie apple, a little spice and a yummy pie crust...oh so yummy

Hot Chocolate-Peppermint..a yummy winter treat..a cup of hot chocolate with a hint of peppermint..very yummy

Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Stick- a sweet yummy cup of hot cocoa and instead of stirring it with a spoon..lets stir it with a peppermint stick..yummy

Hot Mama- a fun blend of strawberries, peaches, cherries and fresh orange slices..will make you happy scent.

Hot Maple Latte-Luscious tones of sweet cream top this perfectly balanced blend of roasted coffee bean and sweet, dark maple syrup. Spicy accents of cinnamon add engaging warmth as base notes of vanilla bean complete the sensory delight

Hotty Maple Toddy-is a warm, after dinner drink with pronounced notes of maple and rum, leading to a buttery, creamy vanilla and caramelized sugar base note…notes are  Chilled Whiskey Accord, Vanilla Essence, Lemon Peel, Vermont Maple Syrup Accord, Damask Rose, Amber Blooms, White Cedarwood, White Tonka Beans, Frosted Musk.

Hot Maple Rum Toddy-What could be better than the delicious warmth of a mug of hot maple rum, on a cold winter day! A delectable blend of maple and rum, with buttery, rich creamy vanilla and a carmelized sugar base notes

Hot Orange Spiced Toddy-a great all year drink scent, a hot toddy with spice and an orange slice.

Hot Toddy-hot toddy is a well-balanced blend of Fuji apple, bergamot, lemon wedge, cinnamon stick, granulated sugar, zesty clove, hot apple cider, nutmeg, and vanilla bean.

Hotel California-let your senses be entralled with this tropical fragrance..notes of pineapple, coconut, hints of mandarin close to the "Hotel California" mixed drink that we decided to keep the name the same..yummy

Huckleberry Harvest-A bouquet reminiscent of blueberry with raspberry, grape, strawberry and peach top notes with a sweet background.

Hummingbird Nectar-This smells exactly what you think nectar should smell like. Rich, sweet, fruity, and sticky in the best possible way. Featuring notes of golden nectar, juicy plums, red berries, grapefruit, powdery rose, ripe raspberry, and sultry gardenia with a subtle musk finish.

Hyacinth-This fragrance has a sheer fresh floral complex with a top note of water blossoms and green ivy. The middle notes are hyacinth, lilacs, white jasmine and orchids. The base is ylang, warm spice & musk

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