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 Scent List T U V's


Tahitian Orange & Musk- A blend of citrus, rose, lavender, violet, tangerine grapefruit, amber, cashmere, sandalwood.

Tangerine Dreams-is the aroma of juicy, freshly squeezed tangerines with base notes of vanilla and fresh greenery 

Tangerine Lemongrass-This aroma begins with tangy top notes of mandarin, fresh tangerine, and lemon rinds; rounded out with fresh green notes of herbal lemongrass and aloe vera.

Tarocco Orange-The scent of a tarocco orange fills the air, as tropical notes of zesty kumquats and ripe berries twirl over a sweet breeze of island vanilla

Tayberry and Teakwood-  A very complex fragrance combination of base notes of bamboo and teakwood, with middle notes of tayberries, blackberries, mulberries, cloudberries, and peaches,  with subtle hints of red clover and sweetgrass.

Tea and Cakes-A queens delight...sweet orange & almond tea cakes  served with  a cup of steaming black tea!

Tea Leaf Papaya-Tropical passionfruit, mango, papaya and tea leaf open this fragrance, having floral middle notes of canna lily, rose, white orchid, and water hyacinth and finishing with a soft, ambery, driftwood dry down.

Texas Bluebonnet-A blend of honeysuckle, jasmine, and lilac with a light perfumy undertone creates this nice floral fragrance.

Thankful-Experience the uplifting spirit of Thanksgiving with Be Thankful, a traditional Thanksgiving kitchen. Warm and inviting, combines the festive aromas of pumpkin pie, warm spices, apple pie and freshly baked cookies.

The Keeping Room-Here is another wonderful scent, our blend....and named after our candle room..The Keeping Room....A Ripe Spicy Clove type with top notes of Almond, Pepper and Pimento. Middle notes of Clove and Cinnamon and a sugary sweet spicy vanilla base note

The Olive Branch type-this is refreshing scent..with a hint of green..crushed olive leaves and mandarin juice..this is a dupe

Three Wishes Tea-The orient inspires this fragrant rooibos blend, conjuring up a paradise of peach pieces and bits of rhubarb. The smooth finish of silky rosebuds, tea leaves, and marigold create a scent that is intensely unique.

Tiki Beach-A version of BBW type.. A luxurious blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk and orchids brings the glamour of a resort-stay to you. The combination of sparkling lemon, toasted coconut, orchid petals with tiny hints of green leaves blended with white cedar and vanilla musk will lull you into a tropical paradise!

Tiki Island Sangria- - A true island delight - a fabulous and fruity concoction blended with lemon, apple, bergamot, coconut with hints of jasmine and violet to give it a tropical finish

Tilly’s Hut:  Citrus top notes lead to a rich accord of cedar, spice and fir balsam creating a warm, country style comfort with this cozy blend. Earthy accents of patchouli on a musky vanilla base add the finishing touch.

Tinsel-A refreshing new Christmas fragrance that blends pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla.

Tis the Season-this scent is composed of boughs of holly, pine and fresh berries..a great holiday scent

Toasted Marshmallow-best way to describe this scent is...when you are making your sweet potato dishes, and spread the top of the dish with marshmallows....and run it under your broiler..the nice sweet toasted aroma of yummy, sweet and yet still a comfort scent

Toasted Marshmallow and Twinkie-a new blend with our yummy twinkies..twinkies filled with our yummy toasted marshmallow and drizzled with love.

Toasted Sugar Corn Pudding Fluff-a CFTKR blend, our sweet sugar corn pudding mixed with toasted marshmallow and a little love...can't give it all away..grins

Toffee Apple Crunch-the aroma of a  crisp granny smith apple with creamy, buttery caramel and then dipped in crunchy toffee chips...sweet

Toffee Graham-a CFTKR blend….sweet graham with toffee candy swirled in….a yummy sweet cookie type.

Toffee Graham Pie-a delightful blend of a toffee butter brickle, a hint of graham, and sweet sugared pie crust.

Toffee Maple Buttercream-our sweet maple buttercream frosting...whipped and blend in little sweet toffee bits...a sweet aroma...and a great thrower

Toffee Marshmallow -a sweet blend of our new toasted marshmallow and yummy Toffee mixed thru out..another wonderful comfort blend

Tokyo Nights- A subtly exotic and beautiful fragrance, filled with amber and sweetened with hints of plum..fruit also in this fabulous scent are pineapple, hint of blueberry, amber wood, a hint of strawberry and raspberry and a splash of vanilla oak and coconut

Tooth Fairy Taffy-Luscious blend of confectionary Sugar paired with Fruit Syrup of Wild Berry, Orange Crush, Black Cherry & Tangerine are molded into Vanilla Taffy create a sweet tooth, Bubble Gum dream!

Toasted Marshmallow Fruity Loops-this is a yum scent..our sweet toasted marshmallow and fruity loops..takes the yummy fruity loops to another level.

Toasted Marshmallow and Fruity Pebbles-a sweet blend of our yummy toasted marshmallow and a bowl of fruity pebbles cereral..a very yummy blend

Toast Marshmallow Indian Bread-this is a yummy inspired by Sarah..our yummy toasted marshmellow with our sweet indian bread..give this bread a whole knew sweet level.

Tres Magnifique-sugary sweet vanilla with hints of cotton candy and a handful of candies....great for the vanilla and candy lover..

Treasures of the Orient-Sultry and complex, a scent reminiscent of mulled pomegranate and rich spices of the Far East are imported into your home. Grassy orange and almond top-notes, complemented by middle notes of creamy plum, sassafras and jasmine, then balanced with base-notes of powdery musk and sugary dried fruit

Tropical Bliss-another of our sweet serendipity blends- serendipity, blue raspberry and toasted marshmallow with a hint of sweetness turns this in a sweet tropical delight.-

Tropical Breeze- Clean and Fresh citrusy notes, Peach, Pineapple, Jasmine and Rose and Woody and Musky

Tropical Coconut- A very fresh tropical coconut blend! This is a very exotic coconut that will make you wish you were getting ready to head to a tropical island resort!  This scent lingers and lingers and lingers! This is very, very nice! Very relaxing!  This is a very fresh, true coconut.

Tropical Cookie-a sweet tropical cookie –a bake shop pastry infused with toasted coconut,a hint of cherry, a hint of almond, light tropical fruits and then all mixed together with creamed sugar and warm vanilla bean..

Tropical Cowgirl-Warm and sweet this scent will tease the senses with exotic fruit tones. Sweet, ripe mango balances with juicy papaya for a perfect tropical delight. Acai berry accents this fruity sensation and brings this blend to a fabulous finish

Tropical Elements-This fragrance opens with a wash of creamy coconut milk spiked with fresh coriander and infused with warm tonka bean, musk and sandalwood. The result is a classic coconut...naked without butter and bakery notes and void of the sweet over wash of last summer's suntan lotion.

Tropical Fruit-imagine a bowl of tropical fruit..sweet ripe bananas, fresh pineapples a hint of coconut and a slash of sugar to give you this sweet delight.-

Tropical Green Apple...a sweet blend..of our green apple and pineapple..this is excellent..puts a tropical spin on the green apple.

Tropical Soda Pop-An effervescent burst of juicy orange, sweet bing cherry and sparkling red raspberry blend with fruity floral notes of dried plum plus a pop of violet to create this mouthwatering soda fragrance

Tropical Sugar-a new CFTKR blend..a blend of delicious sweet fruit, sugars , whipped cream..and a little vanilla, a sweet new delight..

Tropical White Musk-one of my favorites, a sweet white musk blended with a tropical breezes and a hint of tropical flavors.

Tropical Zucchini Bread-a CFTKR blend, our yummy zucchini bread mixed with cake, a hint of cherry and  sweet pineapple, and splash of brown sugar..very yummy

Tuscan Herb-Intoxicating aromas of fresh-picked tomatoes, red currants, leafy greens and Italian basil, with underlying tones of earth and sandalwood complete this perfect scent. ~Pier 1 type~

Truth or Dare type- This fragrance is a contemporary and sexy reinvention of a classic, robust signature white floral. The unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods and vanilla absolute create a scent that is timeless yet modern, simultaneously dark and light. The addition of full-bodied gourmand notes such as caramelized amber makes the fragrance stand out from traditional floral fragrances and gives it a contemporary edge.-

Turquoise Sky-A version of a popular Y type.. Set off an ocean sailing adventure under the bright blue sky. Crisp, salty air wafting against your face, sea grass tickling your nose, a hint of creamy musk to round it off. Fresh, energizing, crisp and clean. This is a unisex scent

Twilight in the Woods-As the night seeps into the Red Wood Forest, Misty Moss and Patchouli gently glide over the Sandal Trees as the White Musky Clouds dampen the Amber Glow of this eerie aura.

Twinkies-A wonderful rich pound cake with loaded with heavy cream. The secret treat we all love to eat!

Twinkie Noel- our own blend of sweet twinkie , vanilla bean noel and a little magic to give you this sweet designer bakery treat..

Twisted Cinnamon-Light hints of clove give way to cinnamon sticks and ground ginger followed with exotic notes of cedar wood and patchouli.

Twisted Mermaid-A totally yummy, scrumptious combination of berries and citrus with sugary sweetness and hints of vanilla in the bottom notes.  Refreshing!

Twisted Peppermint- Merry and bright peppermint celebrates the season with vanilla & sugary musk..Strong Scent

Ultimate Bakery Noel-our sweet ultimate bakery, a fabulous scent, mixed with our vanilla bean noel..takes this yummy bakery scent and turns it into a whole new scent all on its own. 

Ultimate Bakery -here is a great new blend..would say it is a comfort bakery blend..the aroma of stepping into a will have the aromas of sweet sugar cookies..sweet bakery breads..donuts..cakes and the faint aroma of a vanilla icing..yumm!

Ultimate Bear Claw- our yummy bear mix claw enhanced with sweet sugar cookies, sweet bakery donuts, cakes and breads..all iced with a sweet vanilla icing..this is a very yummy scent very comforting 

Ultimate Berry Cake- this a new yummy blend from the keeping room..blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and a sweet a fruit filled cake with sweet icing on top.

Ultimate Cheesecake-this is a yummy scent, just like its name. An ultimate cheesecake with a just alittle spice to it…it really is the best cheesecake around…great reviews on this one

Ultimate Vanilla-For those vanilla lovers, this one will knock your socks off, very rich and creamy. This is the Ultimate in vanilla!

Ultimate Serendipity-our popular Ultimate Bakery mixed with our sweet serendipity, make a wonderful bakery tropical..both winners.

Ultimate Sugar Cookie-this is a new sugar cookie for me..and it is fabulous..a sweet sugar cookie, with a hint of vanilla..this is one yummy cookie aroma..fresh baked

Ultimate Waffle Cone- our sweet ultimate bakery, mixed with our waffle cone..glazed over with a sugar icing..yum

Ultimate Zucchini-a yummy blend from the keeping room, our fabulous zucchini bread enhanced with sweet yummy cookies, bakery donuts, cakes and sweet nothing..all iced with a sweet vanilla icing.

Urban Cowboy- Warm woods and spiced floral tones balance in perfect harmony in this rich blend. Fresh watery accents and clean citrus tones add a lush sensation to the sweet lavender accord at the heart of the scent, as rich woods and shimmering greens are artfully blended for the fragrance signature. Amber musk and white vanilla complete the harmony.

Vamp Vogue-this fragrance oil is a sexy, gothic statement, beginning with top notes of Blood Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Mandarin; followed by middle notes of Geranium, Bourbon, Oak Moss, and Dark Patchouli; sitting on notes of Black Amber, Sandal Tree, Cashmere, and Musk.

Vanilla Banana- Compare “Vanille Banane” by Comptoir sud Pacifique (brand), to our interpretation “Vanilla Banana.” Delicious! This is a wonderful concoction of rum, warm vanilla pods, banana cream, and hints of orange

Vanilla Bean Boysenberry-this is a fabulous oil and was able to get back in after years of looking. the scent is a blend of sweet vine rippen boysenberries mixed with an excellent vanilla bean. Great thrower.

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Type-A wonderfully comforting vanilla fragrance blended with the rich sweetness of a homemade marshmallow!  YUM!  Top notes of Bergamot, Anise, Licorice; middle notes of Sugar and Marshmallow and bottom notes of Musk, Vanilla Bean, and Golden Amber.

Vanilla Bean Nectarine-delicate floral notes that are the perfect backdrop for tangy oranges and nectarines, balanced by smooth vanilla and creamy coconut. Soothing and scrumptious! 

Vanilla Bean Noel-this is a dupe or type of the B and B scent..A rich, sweet vanilla sugar cookie with a slight roasted marshmallow background and a hint of caramel. This is this companies duplication of the lotion version of the very popular original.

Vanilla Bean Noel Fluff-a wonderful blend of vanilla bean noel, which is a designer vanilla mixed with our wonderful new toasted marshmallows, takes this vb noel to another sweet level.

Vanilla Bean Boysenberry Zucchini-another CFTKR blend, sweet vanilla bean, vine rippin boysenberry and our infamous zucchini bread. This is excellent.

Vanilla Bliss-After 3 years of testing, we finally found a VERY strong vanilla. A vanilla cream with hints of hazelnut undertones. Lingers forever!

Vanilla Bomb-a strong rich vanilla , rich and creamy, infused with a hint of brown sugar

Vanilla Butter Fudge-this is a very yummy rich scent..a rich buttery creamy vanilla

Vanilla Cake-Here is a great blend from the keeping is called Vanilla Cake..a sweet white cake mixed with with two of our yummy vanillas...very delicious!!!..

Vanilla Cupcake Type- a version of this popular Y Type. Yummy bakery notes will fill your house with down home goodness!  Who can resist the rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes?  Loaded with vanilla and tons of rich, buttery frosting will make your mouth water!  Rich, sweet and delicious

Vanilla Custard-A sweet, treat with notes of orange, anise and vanilla entwined with a milky, creamy custard note.

Vanilla Custard Filled Gingerbread- a yummy warm gingerbread filled with a vanilla custard and then iced with a sweet glaze..a yummy cool weather scent.

Vanilla Fields- Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women.  Top notes are bergamot, coconut and peach; middle notes are jasmine, geranium and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are amber, virginia cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, tonka bean and vanilla. This a fabulous designer vanilla.

Vanilla Frosted Graham-a sweet graham cracker with a yummy vanilla frosting on top.

Vanilla Hazelnut- a yummy scent..a blend of a sweet vanilla and sugared hazelnuts..a comfort type scent

Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee-A delicious combination of sweet rich vanilla and fresh hazelnuts and our wonderful coffee bean.

Vanilla Ice Cream- True to the milky sweet smell of Ice will really think you are eating a vanilla ice cream cone

Vanilla Lace and Pearls-this a romantic blend of French vanilla with African vanilla on a dry down of sweet flower and musk.

Vanilla Lace Type- Seductive, heady, intoxicating, and amazing. Vanilla with a secret...base notes of vanilla and orchid flower, with a subtle drydown of ambered musk

Vanilla Lavender-a fabulous scent, the aroma of fresh lavender mixed with a sweet vanilla.

Vanilla Lime-a sweet vanilla and a wonderful lime...when i was making this...thought of two things it kinda reminded me...lime jello....and lime lifesavers...with a hint of vanilla

Vanilla Musk-the rich aroma of creamy French vanilla with warm white musk. Beautiful scent.

Vanilla Patchouli-a blend of a sweet vanilla and a earthy, woody Patchouli.

Vanilla Pine Cone-a wonderful pine blended with our sweet vanilla...for those who like pine but not the full blast of it...the vanilla softens it

Vanilla Pound Cake-The Vanilla Pound Cake features delicious notes of buttery sour cream, dark vanilla beans, vanilla extract, a splash of vanilla bourbon, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar..very yummy

Vanilla Pumpkin Cream-a sweet blend of pumpkin pie mixed with a sweet yummy vanilla.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow- a sweet scent..a vanilla pumpkin then folded in a gooey marshmallow..a comfort pumpkin and this is very good

Vanilla Sandalwood-The beautiful combination of luscious, rich vanilla, and earthy Indian sandalwood.

Vanilla Shake-An old fashioned treat! Spun sugar and vanilla are perfectly combined in this nostalgic scent. Butter cream amplifies the soda fountain tones and adds richness to the base of the fragrance.

Vanilla Smoothie-a sweet vanilla..a very smooth comfort vanilla

Vanilla Snowflake Type-A delectable blend of creamy vanilla and winter mint with a light coconut kiss that brings back memories of making angels in winter's first snowfall.  The perfect scent for winter!  Warm and fragrant! 

Vanilla Sugar Cookie-A super rich, buttery vanilla cookie with sugar crystals on the bottom notes

Vanilla Sugar Dark-This fragrance is the essence of sticky, sweet, mouth watering sugar dust with a hint of sweet vanilla at the base..they say this is a dupe of Snow Fairy…sorry I am not familiar with snow fairy so I cannot say this is true for sure

Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone-Sweet and yummy! A classic cookie wafer accord is enriched with sweet creamy butter cream for this simply divine treat. Vanilla sugar swirls throughout the tempting dessert treat.

Vanilla Waffer-this is the best sweet cookie..a true vanilla waffer like the real waffers we love to eat..very yummy

Vanilla Waffer Fluff-a very sweet bakery scent,yummy to say the least, our sweet vanilla waffer mixed with our new toasted marshmallow..

Vanilla Valentine-Here is a fabulous designer vanilla,..this sweetheart fragrance is a perfect blend of creamed vanilla bean and a sensual will arouse your passion for sweetness..

Venice Peach Bellini Type-A romantic Italian blend of sparkling peach, sweet orange, and juicy mandarin.

Vermont Honey Apple Type-Sweet apple, Anjou pear and hints of ripe nectarine paired with honey butter, vanilla sugar, coconut milk and soft musk.  It reminds me of an early autumn morning - fresh and clean and invigorating.  The apple and pear mellowed by the element of golden honey

Very Berry Twist- A  fresh Green & Fruity blend of Sweet Berries.  With top notes of Strawberry, Raspberry and Cranberry with a subtle hint of Floral and Woodsy, Musky and Vanilla bottom notes

Vicious Trollop-With a nod to the Gilmore Girls, It is also known as Berry Kiwi Kiss Type.  It is fabulous.  Sweet and tart; just like Lorelai.  With refreshing notes of Berry, Kiwi & Vanilla.  Top notes of Bergamot, blackberry and kiwi.  Middle notes of Orange, jasmine and lotus with dry notes of Amber, cedar wood and musk.

Vintage Amber-  Rich, creamy amber and sensual sandalwood with tiny notes of wild cherry, apple and apricot, rose, jasmine and gardenia.  The bottom notes are made up of more amber, magical musk and sandalwood

Violet Leaf and Sweet Grass-A nighttime walk through the woods. Hands grazing the tall wild grasses. Sweet sage merges with lemongrass, fresh air, bergamot and herbs and left lingering is the haunting scent of jasmine blooming in the wild woods. Sultry sophistication.

Violet Lime- a sweet blend of our sweet violet and lime..this is very nice and I am not a floral person

Violet Lime Fluff- a blend of violet, sweet lime and toasted marshmallow..a sweet scent with a refreshing mild floral undertone.

Violet Raspberry-a sweet blend of voilets and raspberry...the raspberry tones down the violets a bit..this really works

Volcano Type- a very unique blends tropical fruits and sugared citrus (oranges, lemons, and limes) with violet leaf, sweet Japanese quince, sun ripened cassis, sparkling pomelo, sun weathered driftwood, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens.

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